cotm_cvr_150Call of the Mountains is a photo-essay spotlighting the beauty of Southern California’s three highest mountain ranges. Prominent in the greater Los Angeles skyline, the San Jacinto, San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountains attract several million visitors yearly — visitors who live nearby, out-of-state or abroad. Ann and Farley Olander, area residents for 36 years, are two local mountain visitors.ippy_finalweb

This book is their personal account of the mountains’ appeal. Prompted by concern for safeguarding the mountains’ allure, the Olanders set out during an 18-month period of mostly weekends to re-explore these local ranges. Avid hikers and wilderness lovers, the Olanders thought that they already knew these mountains. But they were often surprised to find unexpected beautiful wilderness so close to home.

Along the way they encountered people familiar with mountain sagas of Native Americans and miners. They met individuals who knew tales of pioneers and builders of dreams. They heard stories of recent adventures and quiet wonder. they also heard from a wide range of mountain lovers working to protect the forested resources of water, wildlife and scenic beauty.

Call of the Mountains brings these stories and images to you. Ann relates their journeys in each mountain range while Farley photographs what they find. The concluding section, “Tomorrow”, portrays how communities, groups and individuals are responding to the mountains’ call so that in the future our children’s children will be able to hear that call.

Best Regional Non-Fiction Book
2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards

ForeWord Magazine’s 2006 Nature
Book of the Year


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